What to Know When Moving to Cambridge

Did you know that the first-ever official game of football was played in Cambridge? We all know that Cambridge is famous for its university, but there are lots of interesting things about this Viking-settled city you may not know.

Popular questions include, what’s the traffic like? And what’s the cost of living in the area?

If you’re thinking of moving to Cambridge, whether it’s for work, study or something else, you need to be armed with the facts. If you’re after some practical advice about moving to the area, and handy tips on how to do it right the first time, then you’re in the right place.

From living arrangements to transport, here’s what to know when moving to Cambridge.

An Overview of Cambridge

If you’re totally new to the area, you might be wondering what Cambridge is like. Here’s an overview of this historic and beautiful city.


The weather in Cambridge varies depending on the time of year. The summers are comfortable, with temperatures not exceeding 27ºC (although this year has seen its highest ever temperatures) this along with London is in the warmest area of the UK. While the winters can be cold and windy. Like the rest of the UK, there is potential for it to rain in Cambridge all year round with October usually the wettest month.


Cambridge is known as one of the safest cities in the UK for visitors and families. If you’re relocating to Cambridge and don’t enjoy crowds, then bear in mind that the city of Cambridge is a major tourist attraction. There are international visitors, as well as visitors from the UK, all year round, so you might want to avoid the city center on the weekends.


The city can get busy during rush hour and driving can be a bit of a pain, but there are plenty of buses around, and it’s a haven for cyclists. There are two train stations in the city, and you can get into London in as little as 50 minutes. If looking for a moving company or Cambridge courier then there are many options to help support you in moving small and large items across the city.


Cambridge has a huge variety of pubs, restaurants and coffee shops that’ll serve patrons delicious fare in a beautiful setting. All the major supermarkets are represented, and there are four shopping centres, as well as a whole host of independent retailers.

Cambridge is a market town, with its market square hosting traders since the Middle Ages. Cambridge market is open nearly every day of the year and sells everything from fresh meat and fish to books and speciality products.

Cambridge Communities

Cambridge is a bustling and beautiful city, bursting with architecture, culture and natural beauty. If you’re still considering where to live, your decision will depend on your lifestyle and family situation. But what if you need to move fast due to work or family commitments?

The good news is, you don’t have to rush. Why not have the best of both worlds and move to Cambridge, while taking your time finding the perfect place to live?

When it comes to the cost of living, it can average between £2,003 for a single person, and £3,586 for a family to live in Cambridge each month. Rather than take a chance and be stuck in a place you don’t want, why not rent serviced accommodation in the interim?

Signet Apartments

Instead of spending on costly hotels, you can rent a fully-furnished short- to medium-term apartment, with a weekly maid service. You can rely on us for ideal living conditions, excellent amenities, and some complimentary punting thrown in!

At Signet Apartments, we have plenty of Cambridge apartments in ideal city locations, from studios to penthouses. From our conveniently-placed apartments, you’ll be able to explore the city and find your ideal home in the perfect location for you. Here are just a few of our apartments to whet your appetite.

Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens are a landmark located to the south of Cambridge city. This area is one of the most sought-after areas of Cambridge for its beauty, relative peacefulness and convenience.

  • Accordia, Kingfisher Way

Accordia is our one-bedroom penthouse, based on Kingfisher Way. It is a 20-minute walk from the centre, with cafes and restaurants just two minutes away.

Both the bus and rail stations are also two minutes away. And if you’re looking for a peaceful spot to sit and relax, the botanic gardens are just a four-minute hop, skip and jump away.

Cambridge Railway Station

You may be looking for the convenience of a railway station nearby, as well as eateries and a more central location. If so, the following apartments may suit you.

  • Ceres, Mill Park
  • The Triangle, Warren Close
  • Vesta, Great Northern Road

All three of these apartments are just minutes from the train station and a roughly 10-minute walk into the centre of town.

Ceres has a selection to choose from, with a studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment on offer. Both The Triangle and Vesta have one- and two-bedroom apartment options so will suit your party no matter the size requirements.

Close to River and Walks

Are you looking for a less urban setting that’s still close to town? Then a location north of the city may be perfect for you.

  • The Vie, Pepys Court
  • The Vie, Scholars Walk

The Vie development boasts apartments that are just one minute’s walk from the River Cam, with scenic walks nearby. It’s close to the science and business parks, and just a six-minute drive from the city centre. But if you’re up for a stroll or want to get in your steps, you can walk into town in around 30 minutes.

Pepys Court is a one-bedroom apartment and just a six-minute walk to a large supermarket. Nearby Scholars Walk is our largest luxury penthouse. It has stunning views from the balcony across Cambridge and is equipped with a six-seater dining table, and a large master bedroom.

Moving to Cambridge – The Takeaway

If you’re moving to Cambridge, then you’ve got a whole lot of good times ahead of you. From punting on the river to taking in the history and culture, you’ll enjoy what the city has to offer.

For the best Cambridge relocation experience, take your time. Check out the different Cambridge communities on offer, and you’ll be sure to find your perfect pad in no time.

Using a serviced apartment  with Signet Apartments gives you time to get to know the city before making a long term living decision. You can take a look at our apartments, and book your favourite online.

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