The Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Cambridge

As well as being a city steeped in history, and well-known for its academical heritage; Cambridge is fast-becoming a ‘must visit’ location on social media.

Scores of tourists now visit the city each year due to its picturesque locations that are being dubbed ‘Instagram-worthy’. After all, if you didn’t post about it on ‘the gram’ did you even do it?

Social media isn’t just a space to connect; it’s also fast becoming a space to gain social capital. Documenting the food, the places and the experiences you’ve attained means Cambridge is up there as one of the best UK cities to visit for an instagrammable holiday or short break. If you are coming to stay in one of our Serviced Apartments in Cambridge we hope you enjoy your stay and create some Insta-memories!

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Is there anything more that says ‘Instagram’ than being pictured in an exotic botanical garden wearing the last trend? We think not.

The Cambridge University Botanic Gardens is a stunning treasure trove of mother natures most divine and exquisite specimens growing in the very heart of Cambridge.

Opened in 1846, Cambridge University Botanic Garden has been an inspiration for gardeners, artists and creatives who look to the natural world for their next project.

The Botanic Gardens is a heritage-listed garden and has been designed for year-round attendance, meaning no matter the season, you’ll be able to find the perfect Instagram shot.

Inside the greenhouse of Cambridge Botanic Gardens

Kings College Chapel

 King’s College Chapel is the Eiffel tower of Cambridge. Its iconic architecture has become the symbol of the city and its prestigious colleges, which makes it no surprise that this spot is not only adorned on many of the postcards for Cambridge but why so many tourists flock to secure their own piece of photo evidence of its magnificence.

As you can punt down the river right next to King’s College you’ve got so many Instagram opportunities, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Inside King's College Chapel Cambridge

Fitzwilliam Museum

You don’t even need to enter the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to get your Instagram fix, as the historic building has magnificent columns which provide an expanse of space and light to get the perfect picture.

A truly striking piece of heritage architecture, you can guarantee to get the likes for any pictures you post of the Fitzwilliam; whether you’re an architectural enthusiast, or simply trying to secure a great selfie.

Inside the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge

Cambridge Market Square

The market square in Cambridge is a hive of activity, with sights, sounds and smells you can only truly experience in a market that is thriving with culture.

As well as serving up food from all over the world right in the centre of Cambridge, it offers up photo opportunities that are truly unique to the area with the mix of vibrant cultures that reside in the city.

For a truly colourful post, try and get a picture of the stunning patchwork of market tents from up high. It’s a secret how so many have got the shot, but it provides a fresh take on the market adored by locals.

A scenic shot of the Cambridge Market Square on an autumnal day

The Ivy’s Flower Front

The Ivy Brasserie in Cambridge is one of the best restaurants in the city. But it’s not just the food that’s Instagram-worthy. The entrance to The Ivy in Cambridge is donned with a stunning flower arch that has people all over the city stopping by to get a floral snap in front of the door.

If you’re particularly influenced by fashion, then we can safely say this is one of the most popular spots for that date night outfit with your beloved in tow.

The flower covered doorway of The Ivy in Cambridge

Trinity College

You can’t go too far around Cambridge without finding a college inspired photo opportunity.

As most of the colleges which make Cambridge University have all been used for films and movies due to their dramatic and beautiful architecture, down almost every road or along the river there is always a photo to be had.

Trinity College is a great example of yet another picturesque location where you can picnic and punt until you’ve got the perfect picture.

Trinity College and the mathematical bridge in Cambridge

Grantchester Meadows

Just outside the centre of Cambridge is Grantchester Meadows, which provides the most quintessentially British backdrop of long winding rural meadows.

Whether you’re looking to go for a long walk to show off this season’s latest fall trends, or to enjoy an afternoon tea in the height of summer; this natural beauty is a spot that will tick all your photo boxes.

Add these destinations to your Cambridge visit, and you can be certain to curate a photo album not only fit for Instagram, but also for a lifetime of memories.

A photo of a bridge at Grantchester Meadows

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