Be the Most Prepared Tourist In Cambridge

You may be visiting Cambridge to enjoy a staycation, or perhaps you’re here on business but want to mix it with a little leisure, either way being prepared is the key to making your stay memorable.

Cambridge has so much to offer, it’s honestly hard to fit it all into one stay. From incredible museums filled with a variety of science and history to the famous sites that have been featured in blockbuster movies. And then there’s the food scene which boasts of both epic street food and fine dining. Where do we even begin!

To help you pack in as much as possible, and make your stay in Cambridge fuss-free, we’ve created this checklist that covers everything you might need to do before you start your adventure.

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Download These Apps 

Being a tourist in Cambridge doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, with a few handy apps, you can live like a local. You’ll enjoy your stay so much, you may even want to extend it! 

Here we’ve listed the best apps for you to download to make your stay in Cambridge that bit easier.  


MyBusTrip is an app with live updates on all the bus routes. You can see in real-time when to expect the next bus as well as the stops that are on its journey. This makes catching a bus simple. 


Invented by Cambridge cyclists, CycleStreets is an app that makes the cycle routes around major cities, including Cambridge. If you want to try and bike around Cambridge, this is a great app to help you see the city. 


Move over UberEats. While this isn’t an app you can access on your phone, this handy website is amazing at delivering the best food from independent vendors in Cambridge. 

FoodStuff only supports independent restaurants and eateries and can deliver deliciousness straight to your door. Ideal if you want to experience true Cambridge food while lazing on the sofa. 

Visit Cambridge App 

Cambridge Tourism Board has thought of everything in this one-stop app with all the tourist information you may need during your visit. Using the app you can discover more about all the local attractions and even create your itinerary on the app. 

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Book Experiences in Advance

To avoid disappointment in the peak seasons it’s best to book as many experiences as possible well in advance. 

During the UK school holidays and term breaks the city is full of other tourists who all want to learn more about Cambridge, which makes popular venues incredibly busy and hard to pop by on a spontaneous visit. 

Museums, theatre trips, college tours and other unique experiences should be booked at least a few months ahead so that you are guaranteed a spot. 

Punting trips are especially busy during these times, as everyone wants to punt when they’re in Cambridge, so we would advise booking a private tour in advance so that you get the best possible opportunity to explore Cambridge by the River Cam.

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Know the Bus Routes 

If you do get tired from biking or walking around Cambridge, or maybe you want to travel a little further to some of the quaint surrounding villages; then the bus routes are the best way to get around with ease. 

Learning the bus routes will help you explore even more of Cambridge, and give you the chance to go further afield. 

The bus routes are published online, and they are also easy to access via MyBusTrip an app you can get on your phone. 

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Pre-Book The Best Restaurants

Cambridge has an abundance of fine-dining restaurants, including some with Michelin stars.

We’ve revealed a number of our top places to eat in Cambridge in this previous post, so no matter your fancy you’ll find a restaurant that can cater for your cravings.

Of course, as with any fine-dining restaurant, a table in these places can come in high demand, so once again it’s essential to pre-book a reservation.

From elegant French cuisine, British gastro delights, to tasting menus that will knock your socks off. The hardest part is deciding which place to choose.

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Wear Appropriate Clothing

You know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor outfit choices.

As Cambridge is a quintessentially British city you will want to pack for every possible weather so that come rain or shine your plans are never spoiled.

Even in the summer months, there is likely to be the occasional rain shower or thunderstorm, so don’t think that just because the weatherman says it’s going to be fine, it’s a certainty.

Cambridge is a stunning city to walk around, and exploring the city on foot, or by bike is one of the best ways to absorb as much of the local culture and sights as possible.

Ideally you should pack; 

  • Comfortable shoes
  • An umbrella 
  • A raincoat 

Cambridge has so much to offer for those living here and those passing through or longer-term visitors. This quintessentially English city is steeped in rich history and home to one of the world’s most famous universities. If you are visiting and staying in long-term serviced accommodation with Signet Apartments take time to see everything Cambridge has to offer. Every season can bring something a little different so bring your camera to capture the spectacular views and breath in the history as you walk over the cobbled stoned streets.

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