6 Unmissable Sights And Experiences When Visiting Cambridge

Cambridge is well-known for its stunning historical architecture and educational institutions, but it is also a place where work and play go hand in hand. 

Whether you’re visiting Cambridge for business or leisure this summer, the buzz of the city combines both glorious al fresco dining and outdoor activities that will make you want to extend your stay. 

We’ve listed six of the most unique activities to enjoy in Cambridge so that even if you have a couple of weeks or a long weekend you can feel like you’ve experienced the true Cambridge adventure.

1) Punting on the River Cam 

Can you even say you’ve been to Cambridge if you haven’t taken a punt along the famous river? 

If you’re in the mood to just sit back and soak up the beauty of Cambridge, then the best part is you can join a group or have a private chauffeured punt and allow an experienced punter to do all the hard work.  Look out for punting experiences provide a picnic and drinks if you feel like making it an extra special occasion.  

Alternatively, if you want a truly authentic experience and a bit of a giggle at the same time; then you can also hire a punt yourself and put your muscles to work. This is great if you are with family or a small group.

The best part about punting in Cambridge has to be the sights from the river. Punting offers a unique view of Cambridge that you can only see via a punt which includes drifting along the backs of the University buildings. If you want a more peaceful afternoon they why not punt in the other direction along to Granchester and go and grab a drink from one of the friendly pubs there. Certainly not an adventure to miss.  

Punting in Cambridge along the college backs

2) Explore the Botanic Gardens 

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens is a treasure just waiting to be explored on a sunny day. 

With a variety of native and exotic plants available to view, it’s a space you will instantly fall in love with thanks to it’s sense of peace and tranquility. 

Boasting more than 8,000 plant species, even if you’re not a big fan of gardening you will soon be in awe of the natural beauty you will find in the botanic gardens. 

We highly recommend you take a camera for this experience, as it will definitely be one that you’ll want to remember. 

The Yoshino Cherry tree in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens

3) Discover King’s College Chapel

King’s College Chapel is one of the most famous features of Cambridge as it stands tall in the landscape of the city. 

The chapel has the largest fan-vault ceiling in the world, and will leave you in awe at its magnitude. 

Inside King’s College you will also find the Rood Screen which was a gift from Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn. Even today this piece is still considered as some of the best italian wood carvings in the UK. 

Keep your eyes open as you navigate the chapel as underneath the stone flowers that adorn the walls, you will find carved stone animals created by the stonemasons.

A photo of King's College Chapel from Instagram

4) Find the Corpus Clock 

When visiting Cambridge the Corpus Clock has to be on your bucket list. 

The Corpus Clock, or The Grass Hopper Clock as it is sometimes referred to, is a large sculptural clock on the outside of the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College. 

The clock was invented and designed by Dr John C Taylor OBE who worked with local engineering company Huxley Betram. 

While it doesn’t tell the time in the way we usually know it, if you look carefully there are three rings of LEDs which reading from the innermost ring show hours, minutes and seconds. 

The Corpus Clock ultimately presents how quickly time passes, and that it is passing constantly.

When an hour is struck there are no bells or sounds, but instead the shaking of chains and a hammer hitting a wood coffin.

It may certainly be one of the most eerie and grounding attractions in Cambridge, but it’s beauty is a sight to behold. 

The Corpus Clock in Cambridge at night

5) Create Your Own Cambridge Gin 

If you feel like getting creative and have a taste for fine gin, then you will be excited to know that The Cambridge Gin Distillery is famous for its workshops where you can create your own gin. 

You can join an existing session, or book a private workshop with friends where you’ll discover more about the art of gin making and how to combine mixtures to get just the right flavour for your taste buds. 

A blue gin cocktail from The Cambridge Gin Lab

6) Take Brunch at Fitzbillies 

Fitzbillies is somewhat of a foodie institution in Cambridge, as this independent eatery is famous for its Chelsea buns and delicious brunches. 

If you truly want to live like a local, then gathering at Fitzbillies for brunch has to be on your must do list during your stay. 

You may want to also take a Chelsea bun back to your apartment for an afternoon treat, as you won’t want to miss out on their most famous bake. 

A famous chelsea bun from Fitzbillies

We do hope you enjoy your stay in Cambridge with Signet Apartments.

If you have any questions or require some local advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

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